Belgian entrepreneur shares insight into ‘convenience-store culture’

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Vincent from Belgium started his own business when he was still in college. Three years ago, the Taiwan government invited Vincent and his team to Taiwan to work on their rental business. The company aims to provide services to help foreigners in Taiwan find housing and match Taiwanese with foreign roommates.

Recently, the YouTube channel “Stopkiddinstudio” released the video interview with Vincent. In the video, he shared his observations and thoughts on Taiwan’s convenience stores.

After getting to know the culture of convenience stores, he said in the video, “I wish I could take a convenience store clerk with me!”

Vincent was amazed at the “multi-functional services” offered by a convenience store, as there was no such place in Belgium.

Vincent shared that even when he wants to call a taxi, he chooses to do it in a convenience store instead of Uber.

In a convenience store, you can also pay fines, ask a clerk to microwave food, and so on.

What surprised him even more was that the hourly salary of the convenience store worker was only NT$168 (US$5.7), much lower than he had expected.

Vincent was impressed with the workers’ performance, saying, “I wish I could bring them with me.”

When Vincent thought about introducing this business model to Belgium, he gave it some thought. However, he realized it wasn’t going to work because the minimum wage in Belgium is about 1,600 Euros.

He once again praised the ability of the Taiwanese convenience store staff to multitask.

So I see how they can be the foundation of any growing businesses, he said.


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