Exclusive | Why is Starlux launching a physical store for merchandise now?

Starlux Airlines' business Airbus. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The successful Starlux Shop (星宇小舖), operated by Starlux Airlines (星宇航空), is now expanding to a physical location, according to a statement by the Taiwanese luxury startup airline.

Beginning July 16, items from the online store will be available on the first floor of Starlux’s headquarters in Neihu District.

The airline explained that best-selling items, including Starlux-branded airplane models, red-tag items, keychains, EasyCard (悠遊卡), and all kinds of clothing, will be in stock at the physical store branch.

But why would Starlux introduce a physical store in a digital age where online shopping is prevalent due to the convenience of shopping on a screen? 

In an exclusive interview with The China post, a representative at Starlux Airlines headquarters, where the physical store will be set up, explained that the online store has been incredibly popular amongst aviation enthusiasts and the airline’s fans.

In fact, new items have been selling out within minutes of being available on the store’s website.

The decision to start selling products at a physical store is in response to customer feedback, as not everyone, particularly those of the older generation, are familiar with shopping online.

As such, in order to accommodate the different preferences of customers, the airline chose to offer an additional option for everyone to purchase the products.

The representative said that the in-person store will be open Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and that there is no limit to the number of items a customer can purchase, even for the most popular ones that sell out quickly online.

In addition, Starlux Airlines also emphasized that all customers are welcome to use the government-issued Triple Stimulus Vouchers (振興三倍券), regardless of the size of their purchase. 

The China Post also asked Starlux whether the introduction of the physical store would affect the availability of items online.

They indicated that the airline adjusts the supply of their products based on demand, so customers can be assured that their desired items will be restocked as soon as possible.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic where almost all passenger flights are suspended, Starlux Airlines has turned to cargo operations and selling merchandise in order to maintain revenue.