Oxford councilor wants to forge sister ties with Taiwan cities

Oxford city councilors pass proposal to establish sister ties with Taiwanese cities.

A city view of Oxford. (Photo from Pixabay)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Oxford City Council in the United Kingdom (U.K.) passed a proposal on July 20 which called for the city to establish sister ties with cities in Taiwan.

The proposal was submitted by Oxford City Councilor Stephen Goddard who noted that Oxford has sister cities in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, but it has yet to establish a connection in East Asia.

Moreover, no city in the U.K. has a sister-city relationship with Taiwan.

Goddard cited Taiwan’s achievements in his initial proposal. He wrote that Taiwan has become a “freedom house” by developing a strong and vibrant democracy.

He furthered stressed that since 2000, Taiwan has experienced three peaceful and smooth transitions of power.

He also praised Taiwan for becoming an economic miracle. He included statistics in the proposal that show that since the 1950s, Taiwan’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) has grown by 30 times, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing economies within a 70-year period.

In addition, Goddard expressed his pleasure that Taiwan has become the first jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage and has become a leader in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as it has one of the world’s best results.

Since the outbreak, Taiwan has also donated 7 million masks to countries in Europe. Since then, Taiwan has only increased its humanitarian efforts, donating 2 million masks to the U.K. alone.

Goddard continued to praise Taiwan, saying that while Taiwan cannot even participate in the World Health Assembly (WHA), Taiwan has been successful in combating the virus and has maintained a single-digit death count.

As a result, he believes that there are many cities in Taiwan that can live up to the standards of Oxford and should thus establish a relationship.

Goddard stated that because many cities have already established a city relationship with Taiwan, including Shanghai, Oxford should play a leading role in helping the U.K. establish a relationship with Taiwan.

Since the approval of the proposal, the Oxford City Council will continue to study which cities in Taiwan are best fit to become sister cities with Oxford.

The proposal, however, has nothing to do with the U.K. government’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China. The city continues to appreciate Mainland Chinese tourists, students and residents for their contributions to the city.

For more details on the proposal, visit: https://mycouncil.oxford.gov.uk/ieIssueDetails.aspx?IId=25250&PlanId=0&Opt=3&fbclid=IwAR3UxXXaL1cviy-DU11C0bQ4rJDsdpY5RL-mwMioZVgKTf4buZ1ANO7-Nw4#AI26116