Less than 4,000 transit passengers at Taoyuan Airport in one month

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Since Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE, 桃園國際機場) reopened its doors to transit passengers on June 25, airport statistics show that only 3,964 international passengers have transferred in Taipei over 26 days.

The pandemic forced the airport to ban transit passengers beginning on March 24, according to local Chinese-language media which indicated that passengers from China are not allowed to transfer in Taiwan for the time being.

Strict measures were in place to prevent the spread of the virus, the airport said. For example, passengers may only catch transit flights between the same airline group, and the total transfer time must not exceed 8 hours.

The airport added in a statement that the majority of transit passengers are those from Southeast Asia heading back to the United States or Canada, representing 88.48 percent of all those who have transferred.

Furthermore, the Central News Agency also reported that EVA Air has benefited from the lifting of transit restrictions, as its flights have now been able to operate at 90 percent capacity.