Why Taiwan food delivery industry benefited from outbreak?

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — The food delivery industry has been around for over one hundred years; yet, it has been increasingly popular amid the pandemic. But, did Taiwan’s food delivery industry benefit from the coronavirus outbreak for all that?

There are many reasons to believe that the industry is a success story, especially since it has grown up to 3.61 percent in the past year, according to Business Wire.

However, it’s crucial to ponder whether it benefits all people during the COVID-19 pandemic when we take both safety and budget into consideration.

The main reason why the food delivery industry became so successful in Taiwan was that it has helped in providing a safe environment for all citizens by providing food for them while remaining socially distant.

Between January and March 2020, food delivery orders rose by 50 percent and four times from a year earlier in Taiwan, according to English language media. This surge of business is most likely due to people avoiding eating out amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another reason to how the food delivery industry has become increasingly successful is because it helped boost the economy amid the pandemic.

With the coronavirus taking a significant toll on the economic situation in many countries, the number of unemployed workers increased at an alarming rate.

A sharp increase in unemployment rates was bad news for food delivery companies since the number of customers would significantly decrease if people couldn’t afford food delivery.

According to Wang Ru-Jian (王儒堅), associate professor at the Department of Western Culinary Art at National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (國際廚藝學士學位學程 – 國立高雄餐旅大學), jobs in large restaurants no longer appeal to young people because of the long working hours and low salaries.

Against this backdrop, the food delivery industry decided to open the doors to young food deliverers by offering attractive salaries. According to Chinese-language CommonWealth magazine, the number of people working in the local food delivery industry tops 50,000.

Now that more people are employed, the food delivery industry can be kept alive because more people will be able to afford their prices. Their quick thinking during the COVID-19 pandemic not only contributed to maintaining their business but also helped boost their revenue.

According to Citi, 57 percent of the people who are using food delivery apps globally are new and have only started using them after lockdowns were implemented.