French photographer captures Taiwan stunning beauty

Photo collage, from left to right, Fo Guang Shan, Taroko National Park and a beautiful tea plantation on the road in the middle of Taiwan. (Courtesy of Breckler Pierre)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Pierre BK, a 27-year-old travel blogger from France who aspires to become a professional photographer, has been living in Asia for a year and a half. To get out of his comfort zone and broaden his horizons, he often travels alone with his camera, including in Taiwan.

Asked about his travels, the blogger told The China Post, “I love to travel because every day is new! You can meet new people and try new experiences like crossing Vietnam on a motorbike or visiting South Korea on a bicycle, learning new cultures, and opening your mind about the world.”

Capturing new scenes with his camera has become the perfect opportunity for him to practice photography.

Photo collage, from left to right, street in Kaohsiung City, Pierre BK, night market (Courtesy of Breckler Pierre)

Among other highlights, Pierre has shared a series of photos ranging from aerial shots of stunning mountain scenes and street scenes to the planting of betel nut trees on mountain slopes. All his photos are stunningly beautiful.

The photos have attracted praises from around the world, some calling them “magnificent,” while another person said, “Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of Taiwan!”

“I spent around one-half months in Taiwan starting in December 2019.”

He continued: “I decided to come to Taiwan because this country is not famous in France for traveling and I love to travel to non-touristy places.”

Before visiting Taiwan through, the blogger watched some vlogs shot in Taiwan on YouTube, and he found this country attractive for the kindness of Taiwanese people, night markets, and landscapes.

Photo collage, from left to right, Wen Wu temple, Wuling, Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum (Courtesy of Breckler Pierre)

During his stay, he traveled all over Taiwan and was particularly fond of the Taroko National Park in Hualien, where he stayed for five days.

“I know it (Taroko National Park) is touristy but it’s so beautiful! The water is so blue, waterfall amazing, beautiful temples, beautiful bridge, nature everywhere, and Alishan national park, amazing place!”

Also, he enthusiastically shared that he had accidentally wandered into a betel nut tree forest which resulted in getting lost for more than an hour on a motorbike full of spiders.

“It was amazing even though I was really scared,” he said with a smile while reminiscing of travel.

Apart from nature, Pierre has also taken a series of photos of local temples, through unique photographic angles, changes of light and shadows, to bring out the majestic beauty of the temples.

Photo collage, from left to right, Sun Moon Lake, Lugang Mazu Temple. (Courtesy of Breckler Pierre)

“The most impressive temple for me was Fo Guang Shan! This place is so big with incredible architecture, amazing!”

“The other one I love is Lukang Mazu Temple,” he added, when I visited I was the only tourist and I saw a beautiful ceremony with dance, music and fireworks!”

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