Twinning dilemma: How will Oxford choose Taiwan city?

The Oxford City Council will be in charge of narrowing down the list of cities in Taiwan that Oxford could establish a sister city relationship with

From left, Authorities in Taichung, Tainan and Hsinchu have already expressed interest in signing a twinning agreement with Oxford City. (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Oxford is looking for a Taiwan city that is “not identical” but has “similar traditions and similar backgrounds” to be its counterpart in the twin city project, an Oxford city councilor told The China Post on Wednesday.

Speaking in a Zoom interview, Dr. Stephen Goddard, who is also a lecturer at Oxford University, said that the Cabinet of Oxford City Council will be in charge of negotiating the twin link with Taiwan through the Taiwan Representative Office in the UK.

He said that the search for a twin city in Taiwan will be an embarrassment of riches.”

“We are looking for a city with a strong economic tradition, a deeply rooted local democracy, and a strong manufacturing sector,” Dr. Goddard added.

To this end, Dr. Goddard expressed his belief that many localities in Taiwan reach these criteria, but is sure that this set of criteria will help “narrow down the range of places that might be suitable.”

Dr. Goddard added that “he should love to” visit Taiwan and would “be quite pleased” if he had the opportunity to visit in the course of this proposal.”

“But even if I don’t, it is, how to put it, high on my list of places that I should like to visit, along with many other places in the world. But I should love to!” Goddard remarked.