Wander in #Instaworthy ‘Little Netherlands,’ Tainan!

Deyuanpi Holland Village (Courtesy of IG/@alisa7450)

Tainan has long been a hot spot for domestic travelers, and as more and more people travel to this historical city, they unveil new #Instaworthy attractions along the way.

Here is a quick introduction to two popular spots in the heart of Taiwan!

Deyuanpi Holland Village

Located in Liuying District, Tainan City, “Deyuanpi Holland Village” boasts quiet waterways, vast green land, healing rural scenery, and a beautiful Dutch windmill proudly standing on the river bank.

Deyuanpi Holland Village (Courtesy of IG/@zhi_xiang925)

As you stroll through the grasslands, you will be tempted to click the shutter when you see the giant wooden shoes and tulips. A Windmill Festival is held there each year, which attracts the young and the young at heart from all across the country.

How to get there? No. 736, Tainan City, Liuying District

Qigu Tourist Service Center


Another popular tourist attraction is the “Qigu Tourist Service Center,” located near the “Salt Mountain” in Qigu District.

Officially opened in May this year, the “Qigu Tourist Service Center” is located in the vast, flat coastal area of Qigu, and the grey-toned main building blends seamlessly into the salt fields.

The center features the gray-white staircases, crisscrossed and sprinkled with sunlight, creating a geometric maze of light and shadow that attracts many visitors to take photos.

Qigu Tourist Service Center(Courtesy of IG/@my_name_kao)
Qigu Tourist Service Center(Courtesy of IG/@__on______)

How to get there? No. 102-8, Yancheng, Qigu Dist., Tainan