Japan modern-day ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ shoots through home

(Photo courtesy of Twitter/@ma_Estate)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A modern-day “Jack and the Beanstalk” may be giving the original movie a run for its money according to a recent photo of a rogue bamboo shoot growing out of the kitchen floor of his grandparents’ vacant house released by Japanese Twitter user MSkun’s  (@ma_Estate).

Screengrab from Twitter/@ma_Estate

In his post, MSkun captured the image of a tall bamboo shoot that had burst through the house’s floor and grown to an astonishing height, with leaves brushing against the ceiling.

According to local Japanese media, MSkun wrote that he went to his grandparents’ house after a month and discovered this shocking scene.

Though many joked about the situation, others expressed concerns for the occupants as bamboo shoots are known to grow at rapid speed — sometimes growing as fast as three feet a day and have the strength to break the foundation of a house.


The image reminded some users of a past instance where Twitter users shared photos of traffic cones on tall bamboo shoots, which were accidentally placed on bamboos in earlier stages of growth.

MSkun hasn’t stated how or when the intruding bamboo shoot would be removed from his grandparents’ house, but he assured his followers that no one would be occupying the house anytime soon.