Five must-visit Matcha ice cream shops in Taipei!

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Matcha is a rich tea flavor originating from Japan. This flavor is extremely popular in Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

The fresh and beautiful green color and the authentic tea taste is the favorite for many people. There are many shops in Taipei that specialize in matcha desserts, but here are some of our favorites!

GOZEN Matcha

This brand, which won Kaohsiung’s top 10 Ice Store award, has very delicious matcha ice cream. The company opened a new store in the ShinKong Mitsukoshi Taipei Nanxi third store in 2019!

Their most famous ice cream boasts matcha jelly, red bean, brown sugar mochi, popped rice, and matcha ice cream.

gozenkamicha(Courtesy of IG/御前上茶本店)
108 Matcha Saro

This store is famous for its Matcha Mochi, brown sugar jelly and their Obanyaki. There are four stores in Taipei alone and their most famous dish is “Sundae No. 10,” which is a combination of Matcha mochi, red bean, brown sugar jelly, matcha jelly and matcha ice cream.

108 Matcha Saro(Courtesy of FB/108 MATCHA SARO 一〇八抹茶茶廊 Taiwan)

In addition to the classic Tsujiri ice cream, this store boasts various types of add-ons including wasabi mochi, white jade mochi, and original Uji styled ice cream (which has macaroons, fresh whipped cream, and cornflakes). Definitely the spot to visit if you want a variety of unique delicious matcha ice cream to choose from!

TSUJIRI Taiwan(Courtesy of FB/108 MATCHA SARO 一〇八抹茶茶廊 Taiwan)

This store has exquisite high-end matcha ice cream. They offer a beautiful combination of matcha ice cream, berry jam, and Nagasaki Cake. They also have a dish called “The Wizard of Oz” which is a hot red bean soup topped with matcha cream.

Shoshin (Courtesy of FB/初心菓寮)

Japan Rail Café

This café is super popular in Japan where it is known for offering the best matcha ice cream in history. This shop in Breeze Nanshan is definitely a place to visit. There are seven kinds of matcha ice creams you can choose from depending on the bitterness and sweetness you would prefer.

(Courtesy of Facebook/Japan Rail Café)

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