Canadian photographers showcase Taiwan natural landscapes

TAIPEI (The China Post) — There are many videos on YouTube documenting the beauty of Taiwan, and one of them, titled “Taiwan Formosa | Cinematic Travel Film,” stands out for its cinematic editing, camera movements and beautiful scenery.

The video has successfully caught the attention of people from all over the world.

The China Post asked David Peng, one of the creators of the 3.5-minute film, about his creative journey. Both he and co-creator Benjamin Wu share a similar background, they were born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada with their families.

They still visit their relatives in Taiwan every three to four years, even though they feel alienated from this land.

“My friends and I feel the same way,” David said. “We feel that Taiwan was our home even though we don’t know it very well, so we wanted to know more about our homeland!”

They share the same passion for photography and have become good friends.

With a similar background, they decided to present the beauty of the Island through the lens of their camera to reacquaint themselves with this beautiful land. 

At the same, they intended to let the world know the gem on the eastern side of the Pacific Island.

From left to right, Yushan main peak, Tai’an Bamboo forest, Shen’ao Elephant Trunk Rock)(Courtesy of David Peng)

“We decided to return to Taiwan in 2018 to explore every corner of the island and capture every moment and memory,” David said.

When reminiscing the past, David said that Ben and he decided to make this film and spent half a year in Canada, planning the routes and destinations in Taiwan.

“After arriving in Taiwan, we spent nearly three months traveling around the island, exploring every corner of the country,” he continued: “Not until the day before we were to fly back to Canada did we finish editing and release the video.

From left to right, Da’an River Iron Bridge, Lotus Forest, and Taoyuan Valley. (Courtesy of David Peng)

In order to capture the beautiful scenery, they spent three months climbing high mountains, walking everywhere, and even sleeping in cars waiting for the sunrise, which was physically challenging.

“Although it was exhausting, we found joy in the process and saw Taiwan’s unique culture and people, leaving us with unforgettable and precious memories,” David said.

David shared the video on Facebook, which has received praise from people around the world.

From left to right, Taipei, Shennong Street in Tainan, Tai’an Bamboo forest, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (Courtesy of David Peng)

After watching the video, some Taiwanese people said they didn’t know Taiwan was so beautiful. 

David said that there were also Chinese people who lived in other countries felt homesick after watching the video. 

The heartwarming replies made David feel that the video did convey the message that he wanted to convey —  Taiwan is magnificent!

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