Green Island residents complain of ‘overtourism’

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the coronavirus pandemic, summer travel is impossible in the foreseeable future for many students and families.

Thanks to the proactive measures taken by the Taiwan government; however, local residents are able to travel domestically without the fear of being infected.

Domestic tourism is so popular that airlines have been operating large jets to outlying islands like Penghu, resulting in complaints from Green Island residents of being overwhelmed by surging tourist numbers.

The Central News Agency reported over the weekend that Green Island saw 60,000 visitors over the past 11 days, roughly 60 times the island’s population.

According to Chinese-language media, local residents have been complaining about illegal scooter parking by tourists, in addition to product shortages in stores.

Some residents are upset by the completely full flights and ferries granting them access to Taitung to the main island, with tickets for transportation reportedly being sold out until Aug. 8.

A nearby island, Orchid Island, is experiencing signs of “overtourism” too, having suffered through three power outrages last month.