Friends of late TV host Lo Pei-ying express sorrow

Taiwanese veteran TV host Lo Pei-ying (羅霈穎) (Courtesy of Facebook/Eva Lo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese veteran TV host Lo Pei-ying (羅霈穎), also known as Eva Lo, was found dead on the 9th floor of her studio and residence in Songshan District, Taipei on Monday night. She was 59.

Lo’s sudden death came as a shock in the local entertainment industry. Many of her friends in the showbiz expressed sorrow at her passing.

Taiwanese actor Bruce Chen (陳為民), left, Lo Pei-Yin (羅霈穎), center, Denny Tsao (曹西平), right. (Courtesy of Eva Lo and Danny Tsao/Facebook/Era News)

Taiwanese actor Bruce Chen (陳為民) who has been friends of her for many years, posted to Facebook Monday, saying, “As I found a good woman, I’ll let you know, see you there!”

The 61-year-old singer Denny Tsao (曹西平) expressed his extreme sorrow in many Facebook posts on Tuesday, saying that “I want to scold Lo. She said she is a thousand-year-old demon and will do harm to a thousand years, and that her family will live a long life, she said she should also live a long life.”

He continued, “Wake up, you thousand-year-old demon! Aren’t you going to scourge the millennium? Get up…”

Lo Pei-Ying (羅霈穎) (Courtesy of Eva Lo/Facebook)

According to the Chinese-language media, a friend of Lo revealed that because Lo lost contact with her for two days, so she went to her studio to check.

There was no suicide note at the scene. According to the initial investigation, she’d been dead at home for 2-3 days.

Lo worked as a fashion model before entering the entertainment industry.

In 1980, she was spotted by the famous Television producer Chou Yu (周遊), who cast her in the Chinese Television System (CTS) one-episode drama “Charming Baby”(神勇嬌娃), which launched her career in the entertainment industry.

Afterward, she has starred in several TV shows and films.

During the broadcast of CTS variety show “Golden Partner”(黃金拍檔), she was promoted by producer Yu Kae-Ru to be the assistant host under the guidance of host Ni Min-jan (倪敏然).