Parrot in claw machine sparks outrage in Taiwan

(Photo courtesy of @鄭大雄/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Claw machines can be seen in almost every arcade in Taiwan. The machines’ many prizes, ranging from tiny speakers to smartphones, have made them increasingly popular among the young and the young at heart.

However, a recent video showing a young parrot offered as a prize in a claw machine has sparked outrage in Taiwan.

The helpless creature was filmed trying to escape the mechanical claw.

The video was posted to Facebook group “ONLY1 Parrot hugsbird lovers’ group”  (ONLY1 鸚鵡抱抱~愛鳥的社團」) which showed customers trying time and again to capture the bird.

With the mechanical claw aimed directly at the bird’s head, the tiny creature is seen flapping its wings and trying to hide in the corner of the machine.

The 28-second video also saw the bird attempting to break free by flying towards the glass windows, but to no avail.


鄭大雄发布于 2020年8月1日周六

(Screengrab from ONLY1鸚鵡抱抱~愛鳥的社團)

According to various comments, the machine is most likely located in Kaohsiung.

The person who released the video asked local residents to look for other claw machines that may be doing the same to other animals.

The actions of both the claw machine owner and the customers may be in violation of article 6 of the“Animal Protection Act,” which states that anyone harassing, abusing or hurting animals can be fined up to NT$ 2 million and jailed for 2 years or less.

Furious netizens also took to the comment section questioning the location of the claw machine and the owner, while others say the “game” is not funny, but abusive.