Warren Yang unveils secret behind ‘Din Tai Fung’ brand

TAIPEI (The China Post) — When it comes to “xiao long baos” (小籠包), Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) is second to none. In an exclusive interview with The China Post, Din Tai Fung owner Warren Yang (楊紀華) revealed the secret behind its success and what the brand means to people from Taiwan and around the world.

To Yang, the quality of both the food versus the dining environment is first and foremost, the thing to uphold.

In ensuring that the quality remains the same across restaurants, in Taiwan and overseas, Yang said that cooks usually travel to Taiwan to learn of the techniques beforehand, while other personnel will head to new branches to train staff.

Din Tai Fung places extreme emphasis on making customers feel at home. To this extent, Yang added that 56 percent of their expenses are spent on staff.

In addition, the long training period, ranging from 1 to two years, makes Din Tai Fung stand out from other restaurants, for the art of making xiao long baos years-long time to perfect.

With 167 branches worldwide, Yang stressed that making Din Tai Fung an international restaurant is of great importance.

He added that he always looks for new ingredients and innovative techniques to incorporate into his dishes with the goal of preserving the original cuisines while adding more flavors into new dishes.