YouTuber unveils little-known Japanese hot springs

Japanese YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka makes videos introducing viewers to little-known hot springs in Japan. (Photo courtesy of YouTube/Natsuki Tanaka )

TAIPEI (The China Post) — YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka has made a name for herself with her videos introducing viewers to little-known hot springs, or “onsens” around Japan, garnering 192k subscribers in just a few years.

A noticeable boost in her audience came after Tanaka decided to travel across Japan to try out local hot springs, including the “Toshichi Onsen” in Iwate Prefecture, where the bath is situated outdoors so that the steam and the mountain fog mix together to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Another unique hot spring Tanaka visited is the “Tohokumachi” in Aomori that boasts the darkest hot spring water in Japan, according to Japanese local media.


With the COVID-19 pandemic currently forcing several countries including Japan into lockdown, Tanaka’s domestic travel videos have come to a halt with her most recent one featuring her having a chat with another hot-spring lover while taking a bath in her home.


As of now, Tanaka’s videos currently only support Japanese subtitles, but interested parties can also spot the occasional English names for the hot spring locations.

Tanaka’s hot spring videos have since become the perfect reference for one to plan their next vacation destination once the pandemic fades away.

(Photo courtesy of YouTube/Natsuki Tanaka )