US engineer credits Taiwanese dish for saving life amid outbreak

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Michael has accepted jobs ranging from working as a professional DJ to working for Acer since he arrived in Taiwan in 2013. Wanting to challenge himself more, Michael decided to leave his job and work with a start-up branding agency in Taipei.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, Michael suddenly found himself without a job. To save money, he turned to something that would help him get through these tough times — Taiwanese braised pork on rice.

To him, the dish is not only cheap but fulfilling. While a rice ball at 7-Eleven costs NT$25, a small bowl of braised pork on rice is just NT$5 more but with more meat, rice, and veggies. 

To treat himself on weekends, the ever-frugal Michael will get steamed vegetables to go with his rice to create a more balanced diet. Soon after, when buying his everyday meal, the owner suddenly asked Michael: As opposed to asking people for a job, why not just create one yourself?

The wake-up call led Michael to establish his own business setting up English websites for Taiwanese companies to help them reach a wider audience abroad. 

In addition, Michael also built a travel social media platform for backpackers to ask about and share fun destinations to visit in Taiwan. 




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