Changhua — The perfect romantic getaway!

A San Taiwanese Meatball, Rainbow ice cream, Mian Mian Cha Tea (Courtesy of @wunruei / @n3k0_d3b1ru / @philipskarnak / Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Siam Tulip’s blooming season always translates into a super romantic sea of pink and purple flowers that make people’s hearts burst with excitement.

If you are looking for a one-day getaway with your better half, here is a list of tourism hot spots in Changhua where you can take #Instaworthy pictures and eat #Instatasty foods!

From left to right, Xizhou Siam tulips, Driftwood park – Fubao Wetlands, ‘Rice dumpling beach’ (Courtesy of @3more_hi4/Instagram)
The Sea of Pink Flowers in Xizhou

There are many Siam Tulips in Xizhou and Tianzhong and they are super beautiful. The tulip, also known as “tropical tulip,” starts blooming in mid-June each year.

Since this land is privately owned, you have to purchase flowers in order to take photos, but it’s definitely worth it!

Xizhou Siam tulips (Courtesy of @3more_hi4/Instagram)

How to get there? Lane 1333, Section 2, Zhongzhou Road, Xizhou Township

Edible? Explore ‘Rice Dumpling Beach’ by coastline

Is this “Rice Dumpling Beach” actually edible? Not really, but this is the only beach in Changhua County. It also features huge white wind turbines and even large fields of golden yellow wheat. This is one of the most famous spots for a #Instaworthy photo in the southern county!

‘Rice dumpling beach’ by coastline (Courtesy of @vivian06041/Instagram)

How to get there? Changhua Binhai Industrial Zone Coastal levee

Driftwood park — Fubao Wetlands

The park, located in Fuxing Township, features a unique landscape of driftwood that resembles the “Lotus Forest” in Nantou. In addition, the park boasts a sea of sunflowers, creating a dreamy scene. What a lovely surprise!

Driftwood park – Fubao Wetlands (Courtesy of @sky09190/Instagram)

How to get there? No. 63, Xinsheng Road, Fuxing Township, Changhua County

Railway Fan-Shaped Sector Garage

This fan-shaped garage is the most well-preserved monument of its kind in Taiwan. The lined-up locomotives are in orange-red color, giving it a nostalgic and retro look.

Railway fans! Sector garage (Courtesy of@minwu_10/Instagram)

How to get there?  No. 1-3, Section 1, Zhangmei Road, Changhua City

Rainbow ice cream! 66cheesecake

This must-eat dreamy ice cream in Hokkaido can now be found in Taiwan! “66CHEESECAKE” offers a combination of six flavors of ice cream, including red guava, blueberry, seaweed, matcha, milk and chocolate.

In addition to the colorful ice cream, the bakery offers a light cheesecake made with top ingredients, such as Hokkaido Tokachi milk.

How to get there? No.763, Section 2, Zhangshui Road, Xihu Township

Must-Eat Local Delicacy: A San Taiwanese Meatball

For anyone going to Chuangha, “A San” meatball is another must-try delicacy. The popular meatballs have a golden crispy appearance and are stuffed with fillings.

Must eat local delicacy: A San Taiwanese Meatball(Courtesy of @wunruei/Instagram)

How to get there? No. 242, Sanmin Road, Changhua City

Sold out Within Minutes! Ming Ming Bakery’s Signature Bread

Min Ming bakery, a Japanese-style bakery offering hand-made bread, is located near the fan-shaped station. The bread looks ordinary but it is absolutely the most flavorful. The store’s signature salt flower cream rolls will make you want more with just one bite.

Ming Ming bakery (Courtesy of @hanyu_912/Instagram)

How to get there? No. 80, Lane 132, Section 1, Zhangmei Road, Changhua City, Changhua County

Creative Way to Eat Handmade Roasted Wheat Flour!

Mian Mian Cha Tea, located in Lukang Old Street, redefines traditional roasted wheat flour delights, including flavored ice, toast and drinks.

The traditional roasted wheat flour is made by hand! Don’t miss the chance to try the creative cuisine in Lukang!

Creative way to eat Handmade roasted wheat flour! (Courtesy of @philipskarnak/Instagram)

How to get there? No. 7, Minsheng Road, Lukang Township