Let’s wander in Hsinchu’s #Instaworthy wetlands!

Xinfeng Mangrove Nature Reserve, Xiangshan Wetlands, Rainbow bridges (Courtesy of @xinxin____selftalk, @show_0102_, @sssiyu._ | Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Are you still thinking about where to go this weekend? If you don’t have any plans yet, why don’t you visit the Windy City Hsinchu in northern Taiwan for a walk? Here are three #Instaworthy spots to explore!

Xiangshan Wetlands 

When it comes to the best places to watch the sunset in Hsinchu, the locals would recommend the Xiangshan Wetlands! The Xiangshan Wetlands in Xiangshan District is listed as one of the nationally protected wetlands.

Xiangshan Wetlands features a “Crab Watching Trail” where you can walk 250 meters to see a variety of intertidal creatures, including crabs, mudskippers, and shrimps shellfish and more.

Xiangshan Wetlands (Courtesy [email protected]/Instagram)

What’s even more eye-catching is that a section of the trail is like a heart-shaped stone weir, attracting many people to capture the heart-shaped trail under the sunset.

Xiangshan Wetlands (Courtesy of @katemowmow/@kkaoyuan89/Instagram)

How to get there? No. 55, Lane 320, Section 5, Zhonghua Road, Xiangshan District

Rainbow bridges

The “Rainbow Bridge” is a rest stop on the 17-kilometer coastal bike trail in the Hsinchu Xiangshan Hongshulin Park.

The 17-kilometer bike path connects the Nanliao Fishing Harbor and the Nangang Bird Watching Area. There are six steel bridges along the way that are more than ten years old, including four eye-catching “Rainbow Bridges,” which have long been one of the must-visit spots in the windy city.

Rainbow bridges (Courtesy of @sssiyu._ / @owen_0414 /Instagram)

How to get there? Lane 181, Haibu Road, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu city

Xinfeng Mangrove Nature Reserve

The mangrove nature reserve in Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County, covers an area of 8.5 hectares. It is not only an ecological mangrove forest reserve but also the only mangrove forest in northern Taiwan that grows a mix of Kandelia and black mangrove.

In the recreation area, there is a wooden trail and a red arched bridge that crosses the Hongmao River estuary, where you can admire all kinds of crabs, shrimps, fish, shells and sea birds.

Xinfeng Mangrove Nature Reserve (Courtesy of @xinxin____selftalk / Instagram)


At dusk, the observation deck overlooking the mangrove forest is the best place to watch the sunset.

Xinfeng Mangrove Nature Reserve (Courtesy of @show_0102_ / @chris__520 / Instagram)

How to get there? 304, Hsinchu County, Xinfeng Township