Would you use Tokyo’s transparent public restrooms?

(Photo courtesy of @yukio/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Going to the toilet in a completely transparent restroom may sound like a horrific nightmare for many, except for some Taiwanese who rushed to try something similar in 2010 at the Changhua Binghai Industrial Zone.

Now, Japan is closely following in Taiwan’s footsteps with a recent post from Japanese netizen @yukio, depicting three transparent public restrooms in Tokyo’s Shibuya District.

According to pictures published by Cybozu brand manager to Twitter, the all-glass restrooms will automatically become “foggy” once the user locks the door, preventing others from peeping in.

The contractor argues that the main reason behind the restroom’s design is safety — to prevent assailants from hiding in the restrooms.

According to various reports, the creative restrooms come in three colors — a white one for men, a yellow one for women and a green accessible restroom.

However, many netizens expressed concerns regarding the crystal-clear restrooms, stressing that “It would be awkward if we forgot to lock the door” and “it would be so scary during a black-out or when the system short-circuits.”

Despite that, others applauded the design claiming that as it automatically becomes transparent again after 30 minutes, if anyone were to have an accident in the restroom, they would be found quicker.

On the other hand, those with an upset stomach should avoid using such restrooms unless they want things to take an awkward turn after the 30 minutes are up.