Filipino couple unveils Taiwan journey in amazing video

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is one of the most popular destinations in Asia for tourists who want to capture its natural landscapes.

To Vincent Hablan and his fiancée, however, Taiwan means so much more — the culture, the food and cityscapes!

The 31-year-old photographer from the Philippines told The China Post, Taiwan that he spends as much as eight to nine months a year on a merchant ship on which he has repeated the same tedious work day after day for the past ten years.

“I feel imprisoned every time doing the same work routine in the ship,” he said.

The collage shows Shifen train station, Xiangshan, Jiufen (Courtesy of Vincent Hablan)

Travel has become the source of his motivation whenever he hopes to live a different life.

“Traveling now and then during my time off the ship refreshes my mind, makes me happy and gives me the feeling of being alive and free again and part of the outside world,” he explained.

“I will be back in Taiwan and visit the Alishan Forest and the countryside,” he added.

“We have heard so many wonderful things about Taiwan. We would like to explore places such as Alishan Forest, we did not make it due to time constraints,” he said about his latest Taiwan trip.

Therefore, the couple decided to explore nearby places in the northern part of Taiwan.

When asked what impressed him most about his trip, Vincent excitedly said: “The food was really good, the people in Taiwan are very polite and friendly, and the public transportation system is very convenient.”

The collage shows Shifen waterfall, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Ximending (Courtesy of Vincent Hablan)

He added: “We enjoyed Shifen and Jiufen and Ximending,” adding that he and his wife love everything about Taiwan.

“The trip to Taiwan was one of the most memorable trips for us because it was in Taiwan that I proposed to my fiancée!”

“We both love traveling and exploring together. And for me, that’s the best and special part of traveling is to share the experience with someone you love,” he continued.

Asked about the difficulties he encountered during the editing, he said that he is still learning, so it took him almost one week to edit it. It makes the process more fun and enjoyable to do rather than rushing to finish the video.

The collage shows Shifen waterfall and Shifen train station. (Courtesy of Vincent Hablan)

I would love to explore Taiwan’s countryside away from the city, especially in the Southern part of Taiwan’s beautiful mountain sceneries. “I will be back in Taiwan and visit Alishan Forest and the countryside.”

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