Japanese woman retrieves lost phone, finds cheerful photos

The phone owner found these selfies of foreigners in the album after she retrieved her phone. (Courtesy of @kayurisa/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Most people nowadays can’t live without their phones which are full of personal data. A Japanese recently tweeted a story about a family member who luckily retrieved her lost phone and the heartwarming photos she eventually found on her device drew many to retweet them.

Yuri Kobashi tweeted last month that his sister had lost her cell phone at Costco and that a kind-hearted person picked it up and sent it to the customer center.

When she opened her photo album she unexpectedly found a series of cute selfies made by three foreigners, which made her feel so happy, he wrote.

He also shared a screenshot of his sister’s message: “I forgot my mobile phone at Costco. When I went back to get it, it was gone so I went to the customer center and it had been handed in. I casually opened up the photos folder and laughed when I saw these selfies of foreigners lol Nice people lol”

Kobashi said he tweeted the series of selfies so that more people could share the heartwarming story and hopefully find the three kind-hearted expatriates.