British model ‘survived’ in Taiwan with 4 Chinese characters

TAIPEI (The China Post) — English actor and model, Tom Adam Clarke, recently revealed in a show with YouTuber Lex (歐亞力) the first four Chinese characters he learned to “survive” in a foreign country: “English menu” (英文菜單).

Hailing from the U.K., Tom initially heard of Taiwan through his soccer coach.

While playing a game in the Philippines, his coach suddenly asked him if he would be interested in competing in Taiwan. A travel lover, Tom immediately said yes, but soon realized that the Chinese language was a “big problem.”

Although he loved Taiwan a lot and felt really welcomed in the country, he felt that the “tone” of the Mandarin language is still quite elusive.

To illustrate his point, Tom recalled the many times when he couldn’t convey his sentences correctly to Taiwanese people. What confused him the most was when they would suddenly get it and repeat the same sentence, which sounded exactly the same to him.

At the end of the video, Lex asked Tom what he would change about Taiwan if he could. After serious deliberation, Tom said he would like Taiwan to “think outside the box” once in a while.

As he had often received the answer “impossible” when problems come up, he hoped Taiwanese people could “try and find a solution without just following straight guidelines” from time to time.

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