Why Japanese love Taiwan breakfast so much?

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In a recent video published by “Stopkiddinstudio,” Cocona, a Japanese model who speaks fluent Chinese, is ordering meals adeptly at a Taiwanese breakfast shop.

Surprisingly, she spends NT$195 dollars on her breakfast alone!

“May I have warm soymilk, some radish cake, a beefburger with hash brown, peanut butter-free, a tuna egg omelet with scallion pancake, and a sandwich, please?” Cocona said.

Exhilarated, she then sits at the table, reads magazines; she is all set for a feast.

It was biscuits fritter that led her to become a big fan of Taiwanese breakfast. Recently, she started to try other food because there’re simply too many options.

“It is such a shame that there’s no Taiwanese breakfast in Japan,” sighed Cocona.

Among all options, Cocona loves the fluffy texture of Taiwanese hamburgers, and in her opinion, they are even more delectable than McDonald’s.

The scallion pancake is so tasteful that she couldn’t help but exclaim “oishii” (delicious)!

Cocona’s mother is especially fond of radish cake. The two often travel around Taiwan, but due to the pandemic, her mom could only enjoy the delicious breakfast by seeing photos that Cocona sends.

Cocona’s mom is so jealous of Cocona being able to relish such a gourmet feast, she said with a smile.

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