YouTuber unveils best and worst Father’s Day gifts

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the local Father’s Day draws near, children can be seen scrambling to grab the perfect gift to thank their dad and grandfather.

To guide last-minute shoppers, YouTuber Aga Tsai (蔡阿嘎) recently surveyed over 8,000 dads of various age groups on the best and worst gifts they anticipate this year, with the “cakes” landing the No. 1 position of “Most Hated Father’s Day Gifts.”

By sending surveys online and conducting them in person on the streets, Tsai split the dads into three groups: people aged 40 and under, those between 41 and 59, and those above 60.

The YouTuber revealed the No. 1 most hated Father’s Day gift via his channel on Wednesday claiming all three age groups voted “cake,” and concluded that it may be that most dads don’t like to eat sweets as that’s the case for himself.

For dads under 40 and those aged between 41-59, the No. 2 on No. 3 most dreaded gifts to receive were razors and cards, respectively. On the other hand, dads over 60 ranked “razors” and “clothes.” Tsai added that “clothes” were ranked No. 3 for dads over 60 because at that age, people would probably place less emphasis on the way they dress.

As for the best gifts, dads of the three age ranges all voted “cash” as the No. 1 gift they wanted to receive. Dads under 59 chose “handmade cards” as the second-best gift and PS5 or smartphones as their preferred third choice.

Meanwhile, fathers over the age of 60 wished for “good health for family members” and “companionship” as their ideal gifts.

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