Chinese oil tanker held for illegally entering Taiwan’s waters

Photo courtesy of the Coast Guard Administration

TAICHUNG (CNA) — Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration (CBA) detained a Chinese oil tanker for illegally entering its waters on Sunday and arrested six crew members.

A CGA official takes the temperature of an arrested crew member/ Photo courtesy of the CGA

Taichung Coast Guard officers intercepted the unnamed oil tanker at 5:30 a.m. about 32 nautical miles off Baishatun, Miaoli County, and pursued the vessel before boarding it and detaining the crew.

After an investigation, the officers determined that the vessel departed a port in Fujian at 4 p.m. Saturday, and none of its crew had a fever, while no frozen meat was found on board the tanker.

The CGA has stepped up patrols in western Taiwan and around the offshore county of Penghu, as part of the central government’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak that originated in China.