Japanese-Taiwanese singer inspired by these top 3 music idols

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Michel Ko, a 21-year old Japanese-Taiwanese R&B/Hip-hop artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan, credited Taiwanese singer Jay Chou (周杰倫), South Korean singer, Dean, and American artist Frank Ocean as his top 3 music idols.

In an exclusive interview with The China Post, Ko said he was raised in Taiwan and began writing poems in high school under the encouragement of his English teacher. Gradually, he began adding melodies to the poems, transforming them into songs.

His musical career subsequently solidified when he moved to Tokyo in 2017 to pursue higher education and began incorporating elements from both Taiwanese and Japanese cultures. His music touches on his multi-cultural background and his songs are sung in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

Michel Ko also spoke about his journey in embracing music and explained that growing up, his mother’s love for Taiwanese pop legend Jay Chou’s songs meant he was constantly listening to his music.

As an artist known for blending different cultures and sounds to tell a story, Jay Chou’s music influenced Michel to also blend Eastern and Western elements to create his own unique style.

Ko’s music garnered widespread attention from the Japanese music community, hitting 100k+ streams for three of his songs in 2020.

With his first lead single of his debut EP ready for release on Aug. 19, Ko hopes to showcase his “fusion” style of music and plans to release mainly Mandarin songs after his EP to show his appreciation for his Taiwanese fan-base and musical family.