The ultimate #Instaworthy spot — Penghu’s ‘Underwater Lavender Forest’

Penghu Underwater Lavender Forest (Courtesy of @justin_chen_1020 and @yinyin618/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many people headed to Taiwan’s offshore islands this summer, which is why so many new, little-known beautiful sceneries have been uncovered.

A series of photos, in particular, has grabbed Instagram’s attention for its world-class natural scenery. The “underwater lavender forest” in Penghu has taken nature lovers by storm and attracted many tourists to explore the dreamy landscape.

This undersea purple forest is located in the South Penghu Marine National Park — Taiwan’s ninth national park. The park consists of four islets, namely Dongjiyu, Xijiyu, Dongyuping, Xiyuping, and many smaller islands.

Thanks to its isolated location and its crystal clear water, the park is home to various species of coral reefs, making it one of the most precious treasure trove of marine life.

Xijiyu blue cave (left), and the park is home to various species of coral reefs.(@justin_chen_1020/Instagram)

The unique coral reefs also make the four southern islets a popular diving destination.

From April to September, there is a large “underwater purple lavender forest” in the waters of Dongyuping, from which you can dive down to see large fields of purple staghorn corals.

Penghu Underwater Lavender Forest (Courtesy of @yinyin618/Instagram)

Be careful not to touch or kick the coral while diving, however, as the sea living creature is extremely fragile.