Indian scholar praises Taiwan’s healthcare system

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Dharamjeet, or DJ in short, is currently working as a research scholar at Academia Sinica in Taiwan.

The Indian national, who has been in Taiwan for six years, shared his experience of visiting a local doctor to YouTube, calling Taiwan’s healthcare system “the best in the world”!

From the outset, DJ explained that he was often sick during his six years in Taiwan, meaning and that he visited his doctor.

When a caught a cold amid the COVID-19 outbreak, he tried to document his experience from the perspective of a foreigner.

To this end, the Indian scholar aims to remind foreigners in Taiwan of what to do before visiting a doctor.

First, you should check the clinic hours beforehand, as the opening time varies from clinic to clinic.

Also, he remarked that doctors in Taiwan usually do not give injections to their patients, but rather prescribe a variety of pills.

In India, on the other hand, it is quite common to receive an injection. Pills are usually prescribed for serious conditions (doses of 500 mg or more).

A second difference between Taiwan and India is the doctors’ work attitude, he said.

Taiwanese doctors don’t speak much, he said, adding that the reason might be the language barrier.

All you need to do when seeing a doctor is to explain your condition and the doctor will give you a prescription, he explained.

When DJ went to the pharmacy to pick up his medication, the medical staff told him how to take his medicine in English for maximum convenience.

Last but not least, he noticed that Taiwanese doctors like to prescribe a lot of medication, with each bag containing various types of pills, which sometimes would make him confused.

DJ stressed that most doctors in Taipei speak English, but if you’re in a rural area, you may have trouble communicating with the medical staff.

Still, you should try to explain your condition, he said, suggesting to bring a Taiwanese friend, or use Google Translate. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, he continued.

In response to the video, many commented that “Taiwan’s medical and health insurance are perfect,” while another said, “Taiwanese doctors speak very good English, no matter in the city or the countryside.”

Someone also wrote: “Most Taiwanese doctors can read English even if they don’t speak English fluently!”


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