Student responds to NT$3 million scholarship to join Asia University

National Taiwan University(Wikipedia)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The overall admission rate of the Advanced Subjects Test (AST, 指考) this year is 91.14 percent. Among all the teenagers who took the college entrance test, two students said they received an estimated NT$3.6 million scholarship (US$122,457) to join the Asia University (AU).

In response to the mixed reactions to their decision, one of the students explained on Saturday why she would go to the AU instead of the National Taiwan University (NTU) on the PTT, the largest Taiwan-based online forum.

She was only able to join the Anthropology and History Departments at NTU because of her poor math scores, and she didn’t take the English Listening test or the Applied Mathematics test. “Strictly speaking, I can’t go to NTU either,” she wrote.

As for the “loss of NTU’s personal connections” questioned by netizens, the student said that she is not very good at socializing and will not be very active even if she attends NTU. If she wants to develop her network, she can participate in NGOs, seminars or various activities of the Ministry of Education, she explained.

Last but not least, the student said that she would keep up with the industry trends and invest her scholarship in her students over the next two years.

Asia University is a university in Wufeng District, Taichung, Taiwan. (Courtesy of AU/Facebook)

The student’s response has received mixed reactions online. One person commented:  “After all this is your life. It has nothing to do with the netizens who commented.”

Another said: “I feel like you are a thoughtful person,” while the other wrote that you’re the only one who can decide what to do with your life.