German girl feels more and more ‘Taiwanese’

(Photo courtesy of @michelle_casale Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Michelle Casale grew up in Germany but moved to Taiwan after graduating from high school.

Still, the 25-year-old often struggles with her identity — whether she is Taiwanese or German. However, after living here for almost eight years, Michelle can proudly say: “I am Taiwanese”. 

Michelle no longer considers herself as a foreigner in Taiwan because she thinks “the most important thing for me is to determine who I am, and work on myself.”

She doesn’t consider herself as either German or Taiwanese anymore, and believes we’re all “just human beings!” Instead of always questioning people based on where they’re from, Michelle believes that we should focus on whether “this person is good or bad”.  

Her “favorite country of choice is Taiwan”, and she really wants to be an official citizen of this island. However, she does feel like she gets “special treatment” just because she looks like a foreigner.

She describes this as “positive-discrimination”, and she explained it as being generalized based on which country you are from. “It gives [me] a lot of pressure because [I] might not be as good as you think [I am], and might be disappointed.