Can you guess shocking age of this workout junkie?

Joan MacDonald shows off her incredible figure after 3 years of training at the gym. (Photo courtesy of @trainwithJoan/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Joan MacDonald didn’t start going to the gym until her 70s’ but decided to give it a go after her daughter had a heart-to-heart discussion with her regarding her increasing health problems.

Thanks to MacDonald’s daily workout, she has now cut her weight from 200lbs (90.7 kg) to 135lbs (61.2 kg) in just 3 years time. 

MacDonald has been documenting her fitness journey on Instagram and sharing little facts to help others who need the encouragement to begin their own workout routine. 

MacDonald documents her progress on her Instagram page. (Photo courtesy of @trainwithJoan/Instagram)

According to MacDonald’s website, she was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux, and also suffered from edema, arthritis and fatigue. She also had trouble doing everyday physical activities, such as walking down the stairs.

MacDonald eventually asked her daughter to show her how to document her fitness process on her iPhone. She was surprised to discover that working out needed to start from loving oneself.

MacDonald and her daughter, who is also a fitness coach. (Photo courtesy of @trainwithJoan/Instagram)

MacDonald revealed that she had always lacked confidence and as she became older, she gradually gave up choosing flattering clothes to wear and let her bodyweight go up.

However, in her three years of training, she has learned to “love herself, be more open to changes and let go of baggage and emotions that don’t serve her.”

“If I can do it, you can do it,” MacDonald has told her 838,000 followers.