Foreigners mock creepy pictures of Taiwan kindergarten project

(Photo courtesy of @u/GK_08/Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the global tally for COVID-19 confirmed cases continues to rise, many have expressed worries at the approaching new school year. 

In an ironic post, Reddit user u/GK_08 recently re-posted a picture showing a kindergarten in Taiwan that used pictures of children to highlight the student’s contribution to a gardening project.

The creepy image has led many viewers to draw a comparison between the DIY project and a graveyard, saying that this should be seen as a reminder for anti-vaccine parents.

Others quickly joined in the discussion with some questioning the purpose of the pictures and commenting, this would be the “first week when school opens” in the U.S.

Screengrab from Reddit

According to local media reports, the picture was first posted a few years ago, with the message explaining that the pictures were originally designed to make it easier for the children to remember where their plants were as many couldn’t read at that age.