DPP, KMT respond to speculations regarding Han Kuo-yu

(Photos courtesy of CNA)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the Kaosiung mayoral by-election draws nears, candidates have been striving to win the hearts and votes of local residents.

The center of attention is not the candidates themselves though; Kaohsiung people are more interested in former Kaosiung mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜).

Han Kuo-yu’s campaign team recently gathered to support the KMT-nominated candidate, Li Mei-jhen (李眉蓁), arousing people’s curiosity on whether Han Kuo-yu will personally appear on stage on the night before election day. 

To this, Hsieh Lung-chieh (謝龍介), deputy secretary-general of the KMT, didn’t confirm whether the former mayor will make an appearance on the eve of the election. 

However, everything is still being taken into consideration and evaluation, so if necessary, Han will help without hesitation, Hsieh added.

He also called on Han’s supporters who were disappointed by the results of the recall vote to vote for Li. 

In response to the KMT, Chen Chi-mai’s campaign spokesman Huang Wen-yi (黃文益), criticized for allegedly providing Li with many unrealistic and ludicrous policies such as “promoting the rum industry” and “utilizing seawater to flush toilets” from behind the scene. 

These preposterous policies are the main cause of the recall election, he added, while condemning Han’s team for allegedly undermining the intelligence of Kaohsiung citizens.

Meanwhile, Wu Yi-jheng (吳益政), a nominee of the TPP (民眾黨), jumped into the discussion stating that “an election is about choosing policies that are beneficial to the city. 

He emphasized that it shouldn’t be about the candidates, nor about the parties, let alone canvassers.

Wu appealed to swing voters to set the political feud between the KMT and DPP aside. In addition, he urged voters to be rational and elect the best candidate for Kaohsiung.