Friends celebrate Lo Pei-ying ‘last birthday party’ at mourning hall

The birthday was joined by 17 friends of Lo. (Courtesy of 冬瓜行旅)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Friends and relatives of Taiwanese veteran TV host Lo Pei-ying (羅霈穎), who passed away last week, celebrated her 60th birthday on Wednesday at the mourning hall on Minquan East Road in Taipei. 

Seventeen friends, including host Belle Yu (于美人) and Taiwanese-Japanese actress Makiyo Kawashima, dressed up for the occasion to celebrate her friend.

They also brought her favorite things, including cakes, Taiwanese fried chicken, pizza, paper-made cosmetics, mahjong and other food and other “gifts,” and played her favorite music at the mourning hall. 

Her friends joins the party at the mourning hall. (Courtesy of 冬瓜行旅)

The atmosphere was mixed with sadness and joy as Makiyo confessed that she secretly shed tears because it was the last time she celebrated with Lo.

“This was the first time in Lo’s life that she took the initiative to host a birthday party (for her 60th birthday), and she booked the restaurant and came up with the guest list herself,” Makiyo told local media. 

Taiwanese-Japanese actress Makiyo Kawashima attended Lo’s first birthday after death. (Courtesy of 冬瓜行旅)

Yu said: “A lot of people think we’re messing around. How did we get to the mourning hall to look like this?”

She added: “But we want to miss her the way she would like to be remembered. We’re bold, and that’s in keeping with Lo’s personality.

Makiyo Kawashima (left) and Belle Yu (right). (NOWnews)

Lo, 59, was found dead on the 9th floor of her studio and residence in Songshan District, Taipei on Aug.3.