Japanese designer hits right chord with co-branded sneakers

Japanese illustrator incorporates 7-11, Netlix branding into sneaker design. (Courtesy of @mitiruxxx/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Co-branding strategies have become increasingly popular in recent years, with clothing and sports brands launching co-branded products to develop niche markets.

With this observation in mind, a Japanese designer has tried to incorporate popular brands into his sneaker designs, including 7-11, Netflix and Japan’s famous brand “Akabako (Red Box) Beauty Soap,” attracting netizens’ attention.

Someone immediately said: “I want to buy a pair!”

Calorie Mate and Suntory natural water (Courtesy of @mitiruxxx/Twitter)

Japanese illustrator @mitiruxxx (ミチル) recently tweeted a series of design sneakers with elements of various household brands, ranging from Calorie Mate, Shingen Mochi and Suntory natural water to saran wrap.

In addition to Japanese brands, the illustrator looked at overseas markets, designing unique sneaker patterns for Netflix, 7-Eleven, and the first-generation Apple computer, the iMac G3.

Shingen Mochi (Courtesy of @mitiruxxx/Twitter)
First-generation Apple computer, the iMac G3. (Courtesy of @mitiruxxx/Twitter)

The most popular sneakers are the 7-Eleven Convenience Store Sneakers, featuring 7-Eleven’s signature green and red-orange stripes.

Regretfully, these sneakers are currently only available on paper. Hopefully, if fans are eager for these cool sneakers, maybe one day Nike will consider releasing a super cute 7-Eleven co-branded design sneaker.