Indonesian caretaker named ‘model worker’ for saving employer

(photo courtesy/The Labor Affairs Department)

New Taipei City held a model worker award ceremony on Thursday during which 249 outstanding workers, members of labor unions, and drivers were presented awards by Mayor Hou You-Yi.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Mayor Hou Yu-yi said: “I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of all the citizens to all of our model workers for their dedication and hard work, including the drivers who remained at their position despite the outbreak, or the disabled workers who overcame their inherent limitations to care for the people.”

Each of the award winners has an ordinary but touching story to tell. Among them, an Indonesian migrant worker named Wu Lan (吳蘭). Wu has been working in Taiwan for the past six years. She first took care of Mr. Chen and then assisted Mrs.Chen after her husband passed away. She accompanied her through the tragic loss of her husband.

Last year, Mrs.Chen, who suffers from several chronic illnesses, suddenly had difficulty breathing and collapsed on the floor. Remaining calm, Wu Lan called the ambulance and notified her employer, thus saving Mrs.Chen’s life before it was too late. She took good care of her when she was being treated at the hospital, making her recover faster.

Chen Jui-chia, commissioner of The Labor Affairs Department(勞工局), said that the department will continue to facilitate positive labor relationships and protect the rights of workers, as well as promoting employment.

In the second half of the year, 100 job hunting events will be held aimed at first-time job seekers and people who are looking to change jobs.