YouTuber visits Taiwanese restaurant in Belgium!

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Charlotte, a Belgian YouTuber who temporarily lived in Taiwan, recently visited a Taiwanese restaurant “T’more Enjoy” in Leuven, Belgium with her friend Eline, who also loves Taiwan.

The pair was so thrilled to visit the place because they have missed Taiwanese food so much!

Charlotte and Eline wanted to try various items on the menu but learned that some of them were unavailable given that the restaurant was gradually reopening from the previous lockdown.

Luckily, their craving for brown sugar milk tea was satisfied. Charlotte even joked that she would literally die if they couldn’t put milk tea on the table.

In addition, they ordered fried mushrooms and fried popcorn chicken, which were both palatable on so many levels. “It just feels like being home!” Charlotte and Eline exclaimed.

The thing reminded Charlotte of Taiwan the most was the Wifi password notice on the counter. She explained that in Belgium, many restaurants do not offer free wifi passwords to customers.

She was also impressed with the friendliness of the restaurant owners and promised that she would soon revisit them.

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