Foreigners wonder at ‘garbage mountain motorcycle’ in Taipei street

The post read: "An Artful kind of YAMAHA seen in Taipei near XinyiAnhe station."(Courtesy of @u/subscatter / Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese elderly and low-income households often rely on recycling for their livelihood. They usually use motorcycles to transport the collected items to the recycling stations.

Yet, this view is quite new to expatriates living Taiwan, including one foreigner who shared a colorful snap of a “garbage mountain motorcycle” in an unknown Taipei street on Reddit on Thursday, stirring an online discussion among people living in Taiwan.

The photo shows a Yamaha motorcycle parked in a parking space on the side of the road, with bags of garbage stacked from front to back.

There is also a rope tying more garbage to the motorcycle, making it look like a huge but stable “mountain.”

The post read: “An artful kind of Yamaha seen in Taipei near XinyiAnhe Station.”

The stunning image has attracted many users’ attention, with some saying that’s “surely a great tactic to keep others from parking their motorbikes too close.”

Another speculated that “it’s a cushion in case the Foodpanda driver comes in too fast,” while a third person said in awe: “So skillful!”