Taiwan woman blasts husband for terrible photography skills

(Photo courtesy of @爆怨公社/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — “A picture is worth a 1000 words,” according to a popular saying, but one woman in Taiwan became speechless after viewing five family photos taken by her husband.

The woman, surnamed Huang, posted five blurry photos on a discussion group on Facebook, sarcastically stating “No one doubt my husband’s photography skills. No one.”

The husband seemingly attempted to capture images of his wife and their young child at a playground; however, his poor photography skills resulted in every shot to be turned into a blurry image.

The funny post has led many to question if he had married a “time-traveling wife”.

(Photo courtesy of @爆怨公社/Facebook)

The post has garnered 23,000 likes, and many took a jab at the husband, commenting, “Is your husband drunk 24/7?”, “I think I see a child…?” and “Are you traveling through time?”

However, some people also jokingly took to defending the husband’s honor and claimed that it was “abstract photography” and can only be understood by those on the same level of expertise.