Hobbit house becomes Yunlin’s latest #Instaworthy spot

Gukeng jigsaw park (Courtesy of @yjian.tw)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — If you’re not sure where to go during the weekend, why not consider taking a stroll in Taiwan’s “agricultural capital” — Yunlin — and experience the countryside’s relaxing atmosphere?

Here are three of the best places to take photos in Yunlin, where you will enjoy a great time!

The photo collage shows Gukeng jigsaw park, Yiwu Wet Pond and jigsaw park hobbit house. (Courtesy of @j.wei___ /@_a.raw_/@yjian.tw / Instagram)
Yiwu Wet Pond

Known as “Yunlin’s version of Little Sun Moon Lake,” Yiw Wet Pond is one of the most popular destinations.

The broad wetlands and forests nurture a rich ecology, and you can stroll along the trail around the lake and watch the sunset on the observation decks.

Accompanied by waterfowls, you can relax while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of the lakeside.

Yiwu Wet Pond (Courtesy of @thetaxi918 / @_a.raw_ / Instagram)

How to get there?  | No. 653, Yunlin County, Kouhu Township

Gukeng jigsaw park 

In recent years, Hobbit houses as seen in the “Lord of the Rings” have become popular in Taiwan, attracting many tourists looking for #Instaworthy spots.

There is also a Hobbit House situated in Yunlin Gukeng, which boasts a bright yellow exterior with a small round green door.

There is an art installation made of bamboo woven fabric under the theme of “The Little Prince’s Journey.” (Courtesy of @sky09190/@yjian.tw/Instagram)

This photo-op spot was converted from an old house. The Gukeng Community Development Association has transformed the old unused dwarf house and tobacco building into a community care center and leisure park.

In addition to the Gukeng Hobbit House, there is a large outdoor art installation made of bamboo woven fabric under the theme of “The Little Prince’s Journey,” which has become a popular tourist attraction too.

How to get there? |  No.7, Lane 14, Wenyuan Road, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County, 646

Wannian Canyon

If you love natural scenery, don’t miss the Wannian Canyon in Yunlin Caoling Scenic Area. The riverbed that stretches for over one kilometer has been washed by a stream for thousands of years, forming a spectacular V-shaped canyon.

Standing on the trail, you can see giant’s kettles, rapids, waterfalls, and brownish-yellow colors on the rocks.

Wannian Canyon (Courtesy of @ylccb.gov.tw / Facebook)

The trail leading to the canyon is nearly 750 meters, with a rock-paved trail along the way. Besides, trees shade most parts of the trail, so it’s a perfect hiking spot for beginners in summer!

If you want to go to the canyon, you must pay attention to the significant difference in height between the riverbed and the canyon, and do not jump into the water to play.

How to get there? | 雲林縣古坑鄉149甲縣道 | No. 646, Yunlin County, Gukeng Township, 149 County road