Master hammers down China’s unique copper legacy

TAIPEI (The China Post) — How do you transform a hundred-year-old craft into an appealing 21st-century item?  Coppersmith Su Yingmin seems to have the answer.

As a master of the craft for the past 13 years, Su seeks to preserve the elegance and popularity that copper held in the earliest 20th century.

As the element grows out of style, Su Yingmin hopes to expand the copper market to more than just copperware with smooth surfaces.

He has decided to make tea sets, souvenirs, and house decors for young people too.

Despite changing times, however, Su remains steadfast in his commitment to using recycled copperware from older times.

He believes that the vintage charm of copper, embedded in the different indentations his crafts endure from different hammers, is timeless.