Discover Taiwan’s best kept secret: ‘The Island of Coral’ in Penghu

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Thanks to government-sponsored domestic travel subsidies, many people have quenched their thirst for traveling abroad in Taiwan’s offshore islands.

Against this backdrop, Environmental activist Wu Wei-yi (大海旅人吳威毅), a Taiwanese YouTuber, recently filmed a video to introduce Penghu’s “best-kept secret,” focusing on a tiny island called “Jiangjyun Island.”

In addition to the breathtaking coral reef under the ocean, Jiangjyun Island is renowned for its unique Fujian-style architecture.

Wu Wei-yi filmed the beauty of coral reefs by free diving. (Courtesy of 大海旅人吳威毅)

“Jiangjyun Island” took its name from General Li Yin from the Ming dynasty who was stationed on this island, which is surrounded by an abundance of coral reefs.

The Youtuber is a big ocean lover who often posts videos about himself surfing and diving online. You can truly enjoy the stunning coral reefs around Jiangjyun Island, also called the “Island of Coral.”

Jiangjyun Island is a tiny island beside Wangan Township, Penghu County (Courtesy of 大海旅人吳威毅)

One of the main features of Jiangjyun Island is its buildings, which were built using corals. The locals drew on local resources and replaced bricks with dead corals.

The Youtuber concluded the video by noting that he considered this place “the most mysterious place in Taiwan.”

A lot of viewers said they were impressed by the beauty of this island revealed in this video, leaving comments “an incredibly gorgeous place”, “never knew the Taiwan Strait boasts such corals” and ” I fell in love with the ocean and realized the importance of environmental protection because of this video.”

Some netizens also launched an appeal to the public to cherish and protect the charming environment Taiwan possesses.