Where can you buy fancy, Foxconn-made face masks?

Photo courtesy of @吳育庭/ Facebook

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The nationwide ban on face mask sales was temporarily lifted in June after the Taiwan government flattened the curve of COVID-19 transmissions.

Taiwanese residents can now buy face masks at pharmacies and even convenience stores. Yet, as the second-wave seems to be swinging back, a new “face mask craze” is hitting headlines once again.

Recently, a netizen excitedly shared a picture of “Foxconn-made” face masks on Facebook, creating a stir online with many wondering where they could also purchase those masks.

In the photo posted on Monday, “FOXCONN”, the name of the company owned by Terry Gou, can be seen clearly printed on the bottom left corner of the masks.

Seeing the numerous comments from others asking the location of purchase, the woman revealed on her post that the masks were purchased at a pharmacy in Banqiao.

Many expressed their surprise that the high-tech company makes face masks, while others continued to ask for the specifics of the pharmacy, which was later revealed to be Yu-hsiang’s Pharmacy on Youmin Street in Banqiao District.