Singaporean praised for beautiful drawing of Taiwan harbor

A fishing Boat in Yeiliu Harbor. (Photo courtesy of Chua Min-chi)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many people who visit Taiwan for the first time immediately fall in love with the island’s beautiful sceneries and local culture.

That’s what we can see from the recent post on Reddit by @u/artiKEKture who shared a drawing of Yeliu Harbor he created during his visit to Taiwan last year.

Full photo of Chua’s art. (Photo courtesy of Chua Min-chi)

Chua Min-chi told The China Post that he is from Singapore and visited Taiwan in December 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

As his family had traveled to Taiwan once or twice when he was young, he thought it would be nice to visit again after all those years. In addition, he wanted to see other districts outside of Taipei’s downtown areas.

“Taiwan was a wonderful place to be; I moved through the bustling city of Taipei, the hot springs of Beitou, the mountains of Jiufen, and the coastal views of Tamsui,” Chua said.

Traveling through such diverse settings, Chua found it incredible that it’s only a very small portion of what Taiwan has to offer.

During his visit, Chua also fell in love with local Taiwanese cuisines. He recalled going to a different night market every other night and never getting tired of it.

Chua also said he loved walking through such a “lively place of fabulous sights, sounds and smells while holding hot food and dodging and ducking between passers-by.”

Chua also loved to visit night markets during his time in Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of Chua Min-chi)

In contrast to such an energetic environment, the landscapes were equally inspiring, Chua added. He remembered a particular trip when he sat at a small teahouse overlooking the mountains in Jiufen while holding a warm cup of tea and watching the rain drizzle down over the landscape.

Chua then shared another memory of “walking along the Tamsui coast (淡水金色水岸) during sunset, taking in the cold sea air as the sky turned from blue to orange to purple, and hearing a busker play the guitar as the night market behind me came to life.”

Tamsui coast. (Photo courtesy of Chua Min-chi)

To Chua, the drawing only captured a very small view of what he experienced in Taiwan; however, he “wanted to use it to capture the beauty he saw in both Taiwan’s landscape and culture.”