#OnlyinTaiwan | Foreigners amused by sign explaining presence of ducks at Taiwan convenience store

Photo courtesy of @nalalandoz/Twitter

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is known among foreigners for its hospitality and willingness to help those in need; however, an expat in Taiwan recently discovered that this local hospitality extends to animals too.

Josh Ellis, a Taiwan-based photographer, reposted a tweet featuring two ducks standing in front of the refrigerator at a local convenience store, claiming it “Peak Taiwan”.

The odd scene was explained in a second photo, which featured a sign saying: “These are ducks. They’re not OUR ducks, they’re just here for the A/C.”

The photos were met with great enthusiasm from other foreigners, with one commenting: “OMW [On my way] to Taiwan to meet some ducks in a convenience store. This is as life should be.

Another Twitter user explained beneath the original post that the ducks supposedly belonged to a stall owner next to the convenience store, and would go back when they were “cool” enough.

The original post has since received 9.2k likes with most expressing regret that the adorable ducks weren’t for sale.