Tianjin library introduces cats to comfort readers during pandemic

Photos courtesy of ANN/China Daily

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Seven cats have been hired as “intern curators” at a library in Tianjin, located in one of the tallest buildings in China. The one-year-old curators, representing breeds such as Ragdoll, Exotic Short-Hair, and Chinchilla, will provide comfort to readers who have been stuck at home due to the pandemic.

“On Aug. 24, the cats will assume their duties at the Western Shore Book House where thousands of books are stored,” stated Wang Yan, the vice general manager of the tower, a local landmark in Tianjin City. The building was completed in 1991 and became the tallest building in Asia in the 1990s.

Photo courtesy of ANN/China Daily

The highest library in China, which stands at 257 meters above the ground first opened in January 2020, was forced to shut down due to COVID-19.

As a part of the project “Fragrance of Books” directed by the Tianjin government, the library reopened with some new additions.

Citizens are entitled to enjoy the panoramic views, an extensive collection of books, and the solace found in the furry and adorable creatures for free.

Photo courtesy of ANN/China Daily