The hidden community: Indians unique contribution to Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) — TaindianDJ, an Indian YouTuber and a research scholar at Academia Sinica, recently uploaded a video highlighting the contribution overseas Indians have made in Taiwan.

There are between 8,000 to 10,000 Indian nationals here, according to TaindianDJ who would roughly divide them into three categories.

First, about half of the total Indian population in Taiwan are students pursuing master’s degrees or PhDs in top universities, mostly majoring in engineering and bioscience.

Upon hearing this, you might wonder: “Why not CS?” DJ unveiled that since CS talents are in high demand, most Indians with CS undergrad degrees prefer to go to the US or Europe for higher education mainly because companies in those regions pay incredibly well.

However, based on his personal experience in Taiwan, DJ highly recommends those with CS degrees shouldn’t miss out on the chance to work on this gorgeous little island.

Secondly, a large proportion of the Indians in Taiwan work at Nangan Software Park and Hsinchu Software Park. If you doubt that, you may well stop at those Software Park during lunchtime!

DJ stressed that there weren’t many Indians when he first came to Taiwan in 2014, and most of them were students. He was really excited to see an increasing number of Indian people serving at Taiwanese companies, which is a good omen for both countries.

He also explained that more and more companies are investing in India through the help of Indian employees.

Last but not least, some Indians are operating businesses such as Indian restaurants and Indian grocery stores in Taiwan, which is such glad tidings for the Indian community.

However, the number of Taiwanese people running a business in trade with India is relatively low.

If we seize this opportunity, a tremendous market of 1.3 billion people, Taiwan would be able to rack in big bucks.

Given that Taiwan is deemed as a role model in handling the coronavirus, more and more Indians are considering to work or study abroad in Taiwan.

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