PPAP大叔沒梗了?新歌合作原因讓網友傻眼|Pikachu could join PPAP singer on new song for this reason

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【看CP學英文】靠著神曲 PPAP 一炮而紅的 Piko 太郎,睽違四年,將聯合皮卡丘推出新歌,難道是沒梗了嗎?

The singer of “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen/PPAP” may be running out of creative juice as he is now planning to team up with an anime character to promote his latest song, four years after his hit single.

古坂大魔王,又稱Piko 太郎,2016年憑藉洗腦歌PPAP橫掃樂壇,歌詞簡單荒謬,旋律重複好記,一推出便吸引許多網友改編,歌曲的Youtube點擊率更高達1.38億人次。

Daimaou Kosaka, better known by his stage name, Pikotaro, first rose to fame in 2016 with his catchy song, PPAP. With its easy-to-remember and repetitive lyrics, the song garnered worldwide coverage and gained more than 138 million views on YouTube.

今年四月,Piko 太郎推出「防疫版」PPAP,呼籲大眾勤洗手的重要。近日,他更是宣布會與日本超人氣卡通皮卡丘推出新曲PIKA to PIKO。

Following his recent rendition of the song to promote the importance of hand-washing in April, Pikotaro has now announced plans to team up with Japan’s favorite anime character, Pikachu to create a new song, titled “PIKA to PIKO”. 

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據日本媒體報導,Piko 太郎表示自己和皮卡丘一樣都喜歡黃色,也與皮卡丘特別投緣,因此促成了這次的合作。

According to Japanese media, Pikotaro cited their shared appreciation for the color yellow and his feeling of kinship with the Pokemon mascot as the main reason behind the collaboration.

Piko 太郎接受日媒訪問時說道,「沒有人懂皮卡丘說的話,但我覺得我能用Piko 太郎的方法理解,我們很契合,所以想透過這首歌幫助大眾了解皮卡丘的內心。」

The singer was quoted by local media as saying: For this song, I interpreted Pikachu’s words. No one understands Pikachu’s language, but I was able to understand them in a Pikotaro-like way, and I feel [like] our minds [are linked].”

PIKA to PIKO這首歌將在8月31日寶可夢公司舉辦的「寶可夢 Virtual Fest」中正式發表。

“PIKA to PIKO” is scheduled to make its debut at the Pokemon Virtual Fest, hosted by the Pokemon Company,on Aug. 31.

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