Classic perfume brand unveils ‘Yue Lao limited edition’


TAIPEI (The China Post) — Ming Sing aromatic water (明星花露水) is a well known Taiwanese perfume brand with over a century of history.

For this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day (The Qixi Festival), the classic aromatic water has unveiled a new product that would not only make you feel younger but also double your romantic encounters!

Ming Sing aromatic water has joined hands with the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Tainan City Government to launch the “Qixi Special Edition perfume.”

The bottle features Yue Lao dressed in pink (also known as God of Love) and the Seven Star Goddess who sends blessings to girls for more romantic encounters.

明星花露水與台南市政府合作,推出七夕特別版香水 | Classic perfume unveils ‘Yue Lao limited edition’(圖|台南市政府文化局提供)

Tainan is the city with the largest number of Yue Lao temples in Taiwan.

This year, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the 113-year-old classic brand “Ming Sing aromatic water” jointly launched the “Tainan Limited Yue Lao Perfume”, mainly because it has a hundred-year history and is a trusted brand that transcends generations.

The perfume is available at Anping Old Fort, Chihkan Tower, Koxinga Shrine, Anping Tree House,  Eternal Golden Fortress, Patriotic Women’s Association, 1661 Taiwan Warship Museum, and Hilltop Garden Watercourse Museum. The limited-edition perfume is priced at NT$80 (US$2.72) per bottle.